Luna so gentle and professional. She knows what she is doing. I had pimples and wrinkles too, and her Microneedling treatment and home products helped me a lot! Today my face fresh and glowing! definitely recommend to all woman and also men! Thank you Luna! (Danielle, 39 yrs)

Your products remind me on my childhood in a way! Fragrances and quality bring me back to my country and it's nature. My skin becomes nostalgic too! :) Love for you and your little wonders... (Milana, 39 yrs)

I love using the ORANGE BLOSSOM facial wash, for day & night. I can feel the difference when using SeyLuna™ products. I can't wait to try the body scrubs.

I love the microneedling treatment! My skin is cleaner, my pores are smaller and I have the feeling my skin is in general transforming! (Maria, 43 yrs)

Lovely aftercare, soft skin and clean skin. The best products ever used. (Vania, 29 yrs)

The experience has been fantastic. Susanna has been so professional and gentle. My face has cleared up so much and feeling better and brilliant. (Collin, 38 yrs)

Apr 25

Hi Luna,

your organic Lavender dream face wash and GAIA face cream leaves my skin smooth. I love it! Thank you so much, Tracy (34 yrs)

Jan 05


Body scrub: provides a deep exfoliation. The salt dissolves as you scrub and leaves behind excellent a rich moisture on the skin. love it!