My name is Susanna and I am from Europe, Hungary. I love my job that I have been doing since 2003. I specialize for massage and facial treatments. I keep up the latest spa trends, but preserving the valuable spa traditions are also important for me. I am living in the Seychelles since 2017 and I make my own cosmetic products for what I use ingredients from the nature from the Seychelles.

My desire is to help people live a healthier and balanced life. I use only natural, bio oils, creams, pure essential oils, which I mix and prepare my own creams. You find products for all skin type, for oily skin, normal skin, mixed or normal skin type. Also for pigmentation, for pimples, acnes and problematic skin and we are provide anti-aging products as well. In my day creams includes +25 SPF sunscreen, in the night creams I like to use relaxing scents and some anti-aging ingredients. I make facewashes, masks, body lotions, body scrubs, shower gels, but very popular my beauty serums and soaps as well.

Looking forward to see you at my SeyLuna™ BEAUTY LAB or please looking around at my online store and make your orders with home delivery. If you need help don't hesitate to contact with me.